Student Engagement Opportunities

College of Applied Health Sciences

Departmental Student Organizations

Student organizations within each department provide opportunities for networking, service, and professional development in the student's chosen field.

  • Applied Health Sciences Student Council
    The Applied Health Sciences Student Council educates students of the various academic, social, as well as professional opportunities available, as well as promotes enhanced interaction between students, alumni, faculty, staff and other organizations with the College of Applied Health Sciences.
  • Alpha Sigma Nu (ASN)
    Alpha Sigma Nu is an honor society for kinesiology students that recognizes juniors and seniors who have maintained an outstanding scholastic record, demonstrated leadership, been involved in research, written scholarly papers, or given outstanding service to the field.
  • Delta Sigma Omicron(DSO)
    Delta Sigma Omicron is a rehabilitation service fraternity whose members have an interest in ensuring that qualified individuals with disabilities are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, the curricular, co-curricular and vocational opportunities available at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Future Health Care Executives (FHCE)
    Future Health Care Executives is the largest student organization in the College of Applied Health Sciences. FCHE is a professional club for students to learn and network in the health care field.
  • i-Heal
    i-Heal is the student organization for students in the major of Interdisciplinary Health. i-Heal is designed to facilitate connections with peers through field trips, outings, speakers, and community service.
  • Kinesiology Student Association(KSA)
    The Kinesiology Student Association is a student-run organization that allows kinesiology students to network with other students and faculty and provides professional development opportunities.
  • National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association(NSSLHA)
    NSSLHA is the national pre-professional organization for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the study of human communication sciences and related disabilities.
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy Club (Pre-OT)
    The Pre-OT club  provides guidance and membership for students interested in continuing their education in the field of Occupational Therapy.
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Club (Pre-PT)
    The Pre-PT club  provides guidance and membership for students interested in continuing their education in the field of Physical Therapy.
  • Sport, Tourism and Recreation (STAR)
    Intended primarily for students within the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism, this student organization provides opportunities for networking, service, and professional development.

James Scholar Program

James Scholar Program is an honors program that recognizes undergraduates who have achieved academic excellence.

George Huff Awards

George Huff Awards recognize academic excellence in student athletes and are presented to those who have on a varsity letter and maintained a scholastic grade-point average of 3.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale) in two consecutive semesters between spring 2004 and spring 2005.

Dean's List

The Dean's List is an academic honors list for students who have achieved excellence and have completed a minimum of 14 graded UIUC semester hours and whose grade point average places them approximately in the top 20 percent of their college.  Please contact for details on the grade point average cut-offs for any given semester.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

In each or our departments, undergraduates have the opportunity to work with award-winning faculty on research projects that focus on improving health and well-being across the lifespan.

Departmental Honors and Awards

Each spring, the departments within the college hold an awards ceremony honoring their most outstanding students.

Alumni Speaker Series

AHS hosts an ongoing, monthly alumni-student program open to all AHS students that features a panel of alumni speakers covering cross-discipline, career-related topics.

Other AHS Events

The College hosts a number of events that provide an opportunity for students and their families to meet and interact with AHS staff and alumni.

  • Mom's Day Brunch
  • Homecoming
  • AHS Dad’s Day
  • Convocation

Study Abroad

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Students who wish to study abroad should start here to research different study abroad locations, classes, terms, scholarships, financial aid, and more.

Office of Volunteer Programs

OVP provides students with guidance in choosing service and volunteer opportunities.

Office of Student Financial Aid

At OSFA you will find resources necessary to fund your education including information about scholarships, grants, and student employment.

Campus Recreation

Looking for endless activities to stay fit and healthy? Campus Recreation offers classes, education, personal trainers, and gym and acquatic facilities.

Illinois Leadership Center

The Illinois Leadership Center provides the opportunity to learn about, teach, and practice leadership skills.

Registered Student Organizations

To participate in extracurricular activities, choose from more than 800 organizations that provide programs such as dances, lectures, movies, tournaments, and races.

Sports and Recreation

Support the Fighting Illini, join a team yourself, and see what athletic activities the local community has to offer.